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DCIF Youth 

The DCIF Youth board was set up in 2018 to bring together young Irish interfaith representatives and to create a platform reflective of the youth across all faiths.

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DCIF Youth 

Youth are at the forefront of today’s global challenges, which include the most recent migrant ‘crisis’, Brexit, the rise of the far right and climate change. It is not only today’s generation who have to deal with the repercussions of these major challenges, but it is the youth of today who need to be equipped to rise into positions of leadership, to represent their communities and to continue to work during these turbulent times.


The DCIF youth board hopes to bring about three main aims through its work:

  •  To enable young faith leaders to contribute to society based on good common values.

  •  To create a diverse faith based youth group with a religious identity based on human rights, building understanding across faith groups,

  • To connect young Irish faith leaders to global interfaith youth networks.

Over the past year, DCIF Youth Board has worked towards building its team to enable a diverse and representative group of young people. As DCIF represents 7 faiths, the youth group is working on the same. The team is also working on integrating youth issues within the DCIF vision and creating activities that are youth centred, such a debates, discussions and visiting places of worship. Some of our international work includes, visiting the Holy Sites in Jerusalem as part of the Space to Breathe programme organised by Trinity College Chaplaincy. This has enabled us to widen discussions and dialogue around international faith challenges with young people from across the world. Another initiative is our representation at conferences. Such as resenting at the 4th International conference civic actors in conflict in Slovakia in April 2018. Over the next year, we hope to work on campaigns, media initiatives and training our young representatives.

If you would like to know more or even join this group, please go to our contact page


'The Youth of Today are the Leaders of Tomorrow' - Nelson Mandela

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