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Our Values

The guiding principles of DCIF recognizes that although participants come from individual faith groups they unite around a common identity of humanity and the
common principles in our respective faiths.

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Our Values

  1. Service: Our primary focus within our respective faiths is service to others. Outreach and public awareness alongside education can increase the number of services provided over time and improve the wellbeing of individuals, congregations and the
    broader community.

  2. Interfaith: We are enriched through the diversity of our volunteers and recipients’ beliefs. While our primary focus is providing services, our shared activities facilitate appreciation and understanding of differing faiths.

  3. Volunteers: Volunteers are the heart of our forum; they help people from varying backgrounds and traditions work together.

  4. Collaboration: Fostering community collaborations and partnerships in support of those we serve while taking care to remain focused on our core services. We will provide opportunities for the community at large to offer financial and in-kind support
    and expertise to help fulfill our mission.

  5. Integrity: We promote excellence within the organization at all levels and are prudent, transparent and accountable in our use of funds. We plan to create a stable and diverse funding base that supports our core programmes. DCIF does
    not take positions on political, social or religious issues. We do not support political candidates but endorse all activities that service the wellbeing of people.


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