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DCIF Statement on Israel - Palestine Conflict

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

As members of the Dublin City Interfaith Forum we express our sadness and grave concern for all those cruelly caught in the recent conflict in Israel-Palestine.

The scale of human suffering is unimaginable to us. We can scarcely believe what we see and what we hear. We stand in human solidarity with all who suffer degradation and death and we pray fervently for peace.

We remember those who have been killed and injured. We remember families and individuals bereaved and traumatized by the daily loss of men, women and children they know and cherish.

Over the last days the world’s media showed us escalating devastation of human lives and of social infrastructure, we call on the international community to work with those who have power and influence to make decisions and to bring about changes in the situation on the ground.

And, although our beliefs are not the same, we do this together, faithfully and hopefully.

© Dublin City Interfaith Forum, 11th October 2023

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