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Dublin City Interfaith Forum's New Year Message

January 1st ushers in The New Year every year. It does so whatever the previous year has brought and whatever the incoming year will bring. In the midst of uncertainty, there are always good things for which to be grateful and good people for whose kindness to be thankful. A New Year brings a new start for everyone and a new opportunity to make the essential connections of justice and peace, kindness and neighbourliness.

The Dublin City Inter Faith Forum wishes everyone a Happy New Year. We appreciate all the opportunities we have been given in 2020 to get to know more and more people in communities across the city and the county. We see faith and religion as a contribution to the society to which we belong and in which we all want to play our part. Self-understanding and the capacity for generosity towards others which flows from it are at the heart of our motivation to serve, to help and to contribute.

We want to express our thanks to everyone, irrespective of their faith, who have worked tirelessly and courageously in the front line to help those who have suffered and died during the time of the coronavirus. We want to show our solidarity with those who are marginalized and particularly with those subjected to hate crime. We want to restate our commitment to partnerships with all sectors of the community with whom we can share a society of kindness and trust as an expression of our shared citizenship.

Once again, a very Happy New Year to everyone in Dublin and beyond!

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