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Statement from the Capital Cities Interfaith Network

Statement from the Capital Cities Interfaith Network


Delegates from across the UK and Europe gathered together at a conference on Monday morning at the Edinburgh City Chambers where the Lord Provost, Right Honourable Lord Lieutenant and Lord Provost Frank Ross officially opened the, ‘Capital Cities Interfaith Network.’

This is a statement on behalf of the newly formed network.

“Collectively as representatives from Capital City Interfaith networks we recognise that we share much in common and have much to gain through greater collaboration. Capital Cities are uniquely placed and face unique challenges. They are home to Parliaments, financial centres and some of the highest levels of religious and cultural diversity. Interfaith associations play vital and often unrecognised roles in promoting interfaith understanding and relations which help maintain strong, peaceful cohesive communities.

Through greater collaboration we hope to establish a mutual exchange of learning and best practice and enable Capital City interfaith organisations to speak together with a clear unified voice on issues that matter to them. It is our hope that the network can build on already existing excellent work done by the Capital Interfaith associations towards peaceful, open, inclusive and cohesive societies.

At the conference we were pleased to agree on a framework moving forward and key priorities and activities for the network. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those from across the religious and political spectrum who have given encouragement to the network including Mairead McGuinness, First Vice President of the European Parliament, who have recognised the potential key role that the network can play in embracing and celebrating the increasing religious diversity of Europe.”

Wednesday 6th February 2019


All faiths, Integration, Mutuality, Pluralism, Respect, United

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